Mellow Out in Maui

Even though this island is the second largest of the Hawaii islands, it should be marked as the #1 destination spot for your next vacation. If you need some time to mellow out from stressful days, do it in Maui.

Sightseeing Trips in Maui

There is so much to see on the island of Maui, from volcanoes to pineapples and coral reefs Maui has everything. One of the best ways to start of your day in Maui is to see the sunrise from the top of the world. Maui has great biking trails that take the scenic route up the side of the volcano, where you can take your time riding up there and spend several hours at the crater. Luckily, if biking is not your thing, there are many vans and busses that go up the volcano as well on a guided tour.

Your taste buds will enjoy a visit to the Maui Gold Pineapple Packing Factory, where you can start off with a tour of the history of Maui, followed by a chance to taste all the different, fresh, pineapples that grow on these beautiful islands. The factory even gives you one to take home with you, so you can have it again in the morning.

Close to the coast, lies the Molokini Crater. A quick 20-minute sail will bring you to an underwater paradise. The Molokini Crater is surrounded by rich tropical reefs, where all different types of marine wildlife bask in the crystal-clear water. And to get a little closer to history, there are also amazing sites to explore during your dives such as shipwrecks, and World War II tanks.

Free Things To Do

It is no secret that vacations cost a lot of money, luckily there are a lot of things to do in Maui under the sun, without burning holes in your pocket. The most popular destination in Maui is The Road to Hana; a scenic highway that takes you along Maui’s breathtaking coastline, through rainforests and waterfalls. Though it is only 55 miles long, this drive can easily take all day due to the amount of wonderful scenic lookouts, such as The Wailea Overlook, the Waikani falls, and Hookipa Beach (to name a few).

For a relaxing day of our vacation with toes in the sand, try visiting Kaanapali Beach, which stretches across 3 miles of the island’s coat. Planned and designed as a resort area this beach has a few hotels and restaurants as well as two world-renowned golf courses and the Whalers Village on the shores. The shallow waters are home to much different marine wildlife so snorkeling is a great way to spend your day, and many visitors have reported seeing whales and dolphins basking in the waves. End your beach day at Puu Kekaa, with a cliff-diving spectacle in honor to King Hahekili, Maui’s last king.

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If the clouds have started to gather up to don’t fret, there is still plenty to do in Maui. Visitors recommend some time spent at the Maui Ocean Center, which was created to teach people about Hawaii’s underwater ecosystems. The museum allows you to get up close and personal with the islands marine residents, with exhibits such as touch pools, and the stunning tunnel that runs under the Open Ocean exhibit, which houses over 2,00 fish, stingrays, sea turtles, sharks and more.

One cannot leave without exploring what Lahaina has to offer. During the height of the whaling era, Lahaina was a popular whaling center, wherein one season they would have over 400 visiting ships. The Whaling Museum teaches visitors about life at sea, with photographs, ship logs, and harpoons, this museum brings back life to the old days. What particularly stuns visitors is the life-size whaling ship forecastle. Visitors leave the room unable to imagine how over 20 crewmen could live in such a tiny room for weeks at a time.

From volcanoes to whaling ships Maui has it all. For your next trip, comes to explore everything that this island has to offer, and let magic enter your life.